DMT Externalizer

DMT Externalizer is class handles how to streamlize your object data and get it back.

DMT Framework comes with few default implementations defined in defaultExternalizerConfig.xml, you can define your own implementations for any class. Your own implementation should extend org.dmdf.dmt.externalizers.ObjectExternalizer.

If you use DMT Framework, you don't need to define any Externalizer for your own domain model. But if you have some special needs, you can use it as a facility.

Typical way to use Externalizer is to reduce object transfer size, or relink the object graph by lookup object from local cache, so the object transport size will be reduced significantly - see example.

Externalizer can be configed in defaultExternalizerConfig.xml (comes with the distribution) or put in your schema. The DMT Framework will search for Externalzier from your current using dmtschema first, then looking for defaultExternalizerConfig.xml