Domain Model Distribution Frameworks

Domain Model Distribution Frameworks (DMDF) consists a collection of frameworks helps you distribute your domain model to your client side. Reuse your well defined domain model and domain logic, promote Domain Driven Design. Since the latest persistence tools (e.g. Hibernate, EJB3.0 Persistence API) support POJO persistence, it makes it possible to have a well modeled Domain Object Model. However, how to reuse your domain model in client side (Another JVM) in distributed system is always a problem. The Domain Object Model is well modeled, interrelated object graph. While your client side only need a particular view of this domain model but not all of them. In past years, the DTO(Data Transfer Object) pattern always plays a major role to solve this issue. However, it has major drawbacks. You need tedious code to convert object back and forth, you lost your already well defined domain logic.

One of the Framework - Domain Model Transportation Framework(DMT) is a perfect solution to this problem. It can let you transfer any part of your Domain Model to client side in the way you want, even at object attribute level. And, compare to Object Serialization, it is much much faster.